Muhammad Zafarullah Khan

...ricultural mechanization competencies of AEOs. Sum total of 111 AEOs were contacted for data collection. Primary data were collected from the selected sample of AEOs by mailing the questionnaires. The results showed that overwhelming majority of the respondents i.e., 88% were M.Sc degree holders. They have had an average work experience of 16 years. Significant differences were observed among the competencies of AEOs with th...

Muhammad Zafarullah Khan

...n required and possessed competencies of preparing training schedules regarding crops followed by timely appointment and issuance of duties to junior staff for effective and efficient work. Results of the study reported that there is utmost need of training in competencies regarding identification of input supply dealers’ malpractices and evaluation of pesticide companies activities. Timely appointment and delegation o...

Asif Nawaz* and Muhammad Zafarullah Khan 

... level of climate change competencies, their training needs and influence of demographic characteristics on the climate change competencies of Field Assistants of the Agriculture Extension Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. A sample of 234 out of total 543 Field Assistants were selected with the help of Sekaran Sampling Technique and the respondents were distributed in four Agro-ecological zones of the province with the help of...

Ejaz Ashraf1*, Anam Sarwar2, Muhammad Junaid1, Mirza B. Baig3, Hafiz Khurram Shurjeel4 and R. Kirby Barrick

...r assessing the existing competencies and the training needs of EFS in the scenario of climate change. A descriptive survey research method was employed in this census study. There were 147 working EFS and 130 of them participated in the study. A well-defined structured interview schedule was designed for data collection. The Borich Needs Assessment Model was applied on Microsoft Excel sheets to identify the training needs of EFS, and Statistical Package for S...

Asif Nawaz1*, Muhammad Zafarullah Khan1, Rehmat Ullah1, Arshad Farooq2 and Abdul Hassan2

Assessment of Weed Management Competency of Field Assistants in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
... ranked weeds management competencies at possessed level were familiarity with the names of commonly occurring weeds, ability to identify various types of weeds and aware about indirect weeds control methods. Moreover, it was found that Field Assistants required highest training needs in familiarity with biological weed control followed by critical threshold level of weeds and critical period of weed competition. Findings of Rank Based Quotient revealed that l...

Dilshad Ahmad1* and Muhammad Afzal2

An Empirical Analysis of Economic Efficiency and Farm Size of Cotton Farmers
...l to increase managerial competencies among farmers through increasing literacy, sufficient access of extension services, familiarity and infusion of advanced mechanisation and adequate access of formal credit through implementing adequate policy measures by concerned authorities of the state.


Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 38, Iss. 1, Pages 01-387


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