Hina Fatima, Muhammad Azeem Khan, Mahreen Zaid-Ullah, Abdul-Jabbar, Khurram Nawaz Saddozai

Gökhan Kuş1,*, Hatice Mehtap Kutlu2, Djanan Vejselova2 and Emre Comlekci3 

 Nosheen Noor Elahi* and Misbah Mughal

...align: justify;"> A comparative study of stem epidermis of fourteen sugarcane varieties (i.e., L-l18, CP72-2086, CP43-33, HSF-240, CPF-237, SPF-213, COjv-84, CO-1148, COL-54, COL-29, CO-975, BL-4, Triton and BF-162) was carried out using Schultz’s maceration method followed by staining with chloloiodide of Zinc. The results indicated substantial differences among the sugarcane varieties for various stem epidermal cell combinations and structures lik...
Mubashir Hussain1,Safdar Ali1, Muhammad Naveed Tahir1, Ghulam Abbas Shah1, Ijaz Ahmad2*, Muhammad Aqeel Sarwar3 and Sohail Latif4
Jing Xin Mao1,2, Guo Wei Wang2, Yuan She Huang3, Rui Wang2, Guo Ze Wang4, Bing Zeng1 and Fu Yuan Zuo1,*
... body. In this paper, by comparative study on BPI gene expression in various tissues between Rongchang pig and Landrace, we confirmed the expression of pig BPI gene in various tissues to determine the difference expression of antibacterial related gene among indigenous breed (Rongchang pig) and artificially cultivated breed (Landrace), The Rongchang pig (0 day old, 28 day old, 120 day old) and Landrace BPI (0 day old, 28 day old, 120 day old) gene were express...
Sana Imran1*, Sarwat Jahan2 and Mohammad Sair3
... types of psoriasis.This comparative study was conducted in Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi in the Pharmacology and Therapeutics department of Basic Medical Science Institute (BMSI). In 90 days study, 80 patients of mild and moderate psoriasis vulgaris were placed into A and B groups. The Betamethasone valerate treated patients were placed in group A while Calcipotriol treated patients were placed in group B; 40 patients in each group. The Psoriasi...

 Addishiwot Fekdu, Afework Bekele and Demeke Datiko*

...investigation deals with comparative study of rodents between exclosure and control sites, Ethiopia. To collect the rodent fauna, six study grid sites were identified and marked. These were three from exclosure and three from control sites. Twenty-five traps were used to capture the rodents. Four hundred sixty two (462) individuals of small mammals were captured and one recorded as observed species during both dry and wet season. They were identified into six ...

Sana Qanber Abbasi1*, Ejaz Ahmed2 and Rabia Sattar1 

...It was a cross sectional comparative study in which serumpro BNP levels were measured in migraine patients and hypertensive patients with migraine. A blood sample of 3 cc was drawn from the median cubital vein after securing aseptic measures. The blood sample was allowed to clot for 30 minutes and serum was separated. The serum was then centrifuged andpro BNP levels were estimated by ELISA using Human pro BNP kit. Patients’ history and recorded blood pre...
Amtul Jamil Sami1,*, Sehrish Bilal1, Madeeha Khalid1, Muhammad Tahir Nazir1 and A.R. Shakoori2


...Apis mellifera. A comparative study was designed to identify the role of saponins on insect acetylcholinesterase (AChEs). The enzyme activities were tested for the effect of saponins. The AChE activity of T. castaneum was inhibited by the saponins and follows competitive inhibition kinetics. In case of A. mellifera enzyme activity was not inhibited. In vitro and in vivo inhibition was observed for T. castaneum a...
Farhat Ijaz1, Rana Khurram Aftab2*, Samia Jawed3
...y: A cross sectional comparative study was conducted in diabetic clinic of Mayo Hospital, Lahore. We determined and compared TNF-α levels and insulin resistance in 90 subjects where there were 50 obese patients with T2DM and 40 were non-obese Type 2 diabetic patients. TNF-α and serum insulin levels were determined using ELISA. Insulin resistance was calculated using HOMA-IR. Comparison between groups was performed using independent sample t-tes...
Muhammad Younus1*, Sabah Usman2 and Samia Jawed3
...This cross sectional comparative study was conducted at the Institute of Chest Medicine, King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan. One hundred and twenty individuals consisting of 60 obese (30 males, 30 females) and 60 non-obese (30 males, 30 females), fulfilling the inclusion criteria, were enrolled through non-probability purposive sampling. Informed written consent was taken from all subjects. The demographic information of these subjects such a...
Su-Hu Duan, Liu-An Li*, Zai-Qiang Li, Meng-Ran Qin, Zhen-Zhen Fan, Qian Wang, Ke-Yan Zhang, Zhong-Mou Zhang, Bai-Liang Yang and Tian-Ming Jin
Riffat Sultana1, Nuzhat Soomro1,*, Santosh Kumar2, Ahmed Ali Samejo1 and Samiullah Soomro1
Godwin Ikechukwu Ngwu1*, Maria Ifeyinwa Ngwu2, Fabian Chukwuemenam Okafor1, Aruh Ottah Anaga3 and Christopher Didigwu Nwani1
Arifa Savanur1,*, Tallat Naz1,2, Tayyaba Hamid1,3, Syed Abid Ali4, Mian Jahangir1,3 and Muhammad Abdul Azeem4
...le tissues. Therefore, a comparative study was conducted to determine the mechanical properties of esophageal and intestine tissue strips of Uromastix hardwickii. Tissues were subjected to electrical stimulation in order to observe the graded mechanical response, and the quick isotonic release method was used for the measurement of stiffness in the series elastic component. The higher stiffness in intestinal tissues as compared to esophageal tiss...

Atta Ur Rehman, Laiq Hassan, Nasir Ahmad, Kashif Ahmad, Shakirullah

...sp;This paper presents a comparative study of two well-known classification techniques of iris patterns, along with detailed

description of some preprocessing steps. In preprocessing stage, Circular Hough Transform and Canny Edge
Detector are employed for iris segmentation, while for iris normalization and feature extraction, the Rubber Sheet
Model and one-dimensional (1-D) Log-Gabor Filter are used respectively. Finally for c...

Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Vol. 39, Iss. 1, pp. 01-126


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