Sogolo L. Lebelo1,* and Gerhard van der Horst2
...ant lipid inclusions and collagen fibers are also found in the cytoplasm of these cells. These cells are found associated with the spermatogonia type B, pachytene spermatocytes and Sertoli cells. The results from this study show that there are basic similarities in the Leydig cells of the vervet compared to other mammals, humans and nonhuman primates, however, there also seem to be species differences among the mammalian group. The association of these cells w...
Yang Liu1,2,3, Baimei Liu1,2,3, Chenchen Li1,2,3 and Meiwen An1,2,3,*
...e HS, which can regulate collagen synthesis and deposition. To investigate collagen metabolism in keratinocytes and fibroblasts co-culture under pressure, and study the role of IL-1α and MMP-3 in terms of regulating fibroblasts-keratinocytes collagen metabolism with pressure.Chitosan-gelatin scaffolds were fabricated by vacuum freeze drying. Keratinocytes and fibroblasts were seedi...

 Ping Zhang1,2, Yabin Pu1, Yu Zhang2, Jia Chen2, Kunfu Wang3, Qian Li3, Yujiao Sun3, Yuehui Ma1, Shuqing Jiao2,* and Weijun Guan1,*

...stepwise digestion by XI collagenase and trypsin was used to isolate MDSCs and were purified by differential attachment technique. Cell morphology were observed using an inverted microscope, and MDSCs proliferation pattern were determined through growth curve analyses. MDSCs were identified by immunofluorescence and RT-PCR, and the immunofluorescence antibody invoved Sca-1, CD34, CD144, Desmin and CD45 which are the makers of MDSCs. Finally, MDSCs were induced...
Kun Wang1,2, Yinglin Cui2, Xu Zhao2 and Changjiang Hu1*
...istration of stereotaxic collagenase type VII into the caudate nucleus. XN (at a high dose and a low dose of 3.60g·kg-1 and 1.80g·kg-1, respectively) was administered via enema. The detection of neuronal apoptosis was measured by TUNEL assay. Using immunofluorescence, the expression of claudin-5, ZO-1 and VE-cadherin was detected. The expression of DNA methyltransferase 3b (DNMT3b) and Matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) was ...

 Li-na Li1, Sheng Li2, Ping Gui3, Jing-hui Li1, Fen Ai4,* and Li-li Cai1,*

...roliferation and reduced collagen deposition as measured by CCK-8 assay, Sircol assay, qPCR and western blot. MSCCM also reduced the expression of the pro-fibrotic TGF-β1 and increased the expression of anti-fibrotic IFN-γ at both mRNA and protein levels. Furthermore, we found that MSCCM inhibited the activation of NF-κB signaling pathway induced by irradiation as well. Our data suggest that MSCCM could reduce irradiation-induced TGF-β1 p...
Yating Cheng1, Wenlong Shi1, Xue Xiao2, Qirong Zhang2, Qihao Zhang1, Zhijian Su1, Qi Xiang1,2* and Yadong Huang1,2
... proline residues in the collagen chain. The α subunit (P4Hα) of the P4H α2β2 tetramer contains the catalytic site, whereas the β subunit (PDI) maintains the solubility and activity of the α subunit. In this study, two plasmids were used to produce an active human P4H tetramer (rhP4H) in Pichia pastoris. The P4Hα was cloned into pPICZαA, and PDI was cloned into PHIL. Real-time PCR showed that the P4H gene wa...
Ahmet Ozer Sehirli1,2, Serkan Sayiner3*, Ayliz Velioglu-Ogunc4, Nedime Serakinci5, Emel Eksioglu-Demiralp6, Berrak Yegen7, Feriha Ercan8 andGoksel Sener2
...used for analysis of the collagen content besides tissue luminol, lucigenin, malondialdehyde (MDA) and glutathione (GSH) levels. A significant difference was determined between the CRF group and the control group with regard to heart rate, blood pressure, serum creatinine, BUN, LDH, cytokines and urinary electrolyte levels. Furthermore, monocyte and neutrophil apoptosis, tissue luminol, lucigenin, malondialdehyde and collagen
Arifa Savanur1,*, Tallat Naz1,2, Tayyaba Hamid1,3, Syed Abid Ali4, Mian Jahangir1,3 and Muhammad Abdul Azeem4
...s are less embedded in a collagen matrix. A significant difference between both types of muscle strips was observed in the rate of force re-development and change in their length. Thus, the present study provokes the need for quantitative histological and histo-chemical studies on the non-contractile proteins of Uromastix smooth muscle.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 4, Pages 1225-1630


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