Shahid Iqbal Awan1*, Syed Dilnawaz Ahmad2, Muhammad Amjad Ali3, Muhammad Shahzad Ahmed1, Aurangzeb Rao1

...factor analysis (FA) and cluster analysis, indicated that the magnitude of variability existing in the gene pool was satisfactory for initiating a breeding plan. Relative water content, cell membrane stability, osmotic adjustment and grain yield per plant were major contributors towards variability. Grain yield per plant was closely linked to relative water content, cell membrane stability and specific flag leaf area. Eight clusters were formed through

Fida Mohammad, O.S. Abdalla, Sheraz Ahmed, Fakharuddin and S. Rajaram

...ld were explained by the cluster analysis of environments. Clustering of five test environments based on Shifted Multiplicative Model (SHMM) exposed the major role of grains spike-1 and harvest index in production of grain yield. Though the rate and distribution of rainfall during the cropping season were the main contributing factors in the varied performance across years, however, the grain yield of synthetic derived wheat lines across different environments...
Tahira*, Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Ayub Khan and Mubashar Ahmad Khan

 Shazia Erum, Rashid Anwar and Shahid Masood*

 Frasat Saeed*, Jehanzeb Farooq*, Abid Mahmood**, Tassawar Hussain***, Muhammad Riaz* and Saghir Ahmad****


Qasim Iqbal1, Safdar Ali1*, Muhammad Naveed Tahir1, Obaidullah Shafique1, Bashir Ahmed Khan2, Ijaz Ahmad3 and Ihsanullah Khan4  

Arifa Mehreen1, Iram Liaqat2,Muhammad Arshad3, Muzzamil Waheed4 and Najma Arshad1,*
...% isolates. In addition, cluster analysis indicated that host immune evasion and toxin genes were not associated with each other suggesting the presence of diverse lineage specific strains in sore throat patients. However, the intraspecific association was noticed among these genes. Coa and spa polymorphism and association analysis indicated that spa negative isolates possess Coa of 1200 and 900bp, whereas spa positive isolat...

Muhamad Jawad*, Shahid Riaz Malik, Muhammad Aqeel Sarwar, Muhammad Asadullah, Israr Hussain and Rabia Khalid 

Azra1* and Shaukat Hussain2
...glomerative hierarchical cluster analysis with grain yield and disease severity categorized the tested genotypes into two major clusters. Cluster 1 is further divided into three sub clusters. In sub cluster I most of the genotypes are moderately resistant with medium to high yielding potential. Sub cluster II includes highly susceptible genotypes with low yield potential. Sub cluster III has moderately susceptible to moderately resistant genotypes. However, ge...

Sana Munir1, Muhammad Kamran Qureshi1*, Ahmad Naeem Shahzad2, Ismat Nawaz3, Muhammad Shahzad Anjam4, Sumaira Rasul4 and Muhammad Asif Zulfiqar5 

...ent analysis and linkage cluster analysis. Principle component analysis (PCA) exhibited that first four PC out of nineteen PC, with eigen value >1, contributed about 80.326 % of total variability. Positive contribution towards PC1 was given by seed traits such as lint/seed, seed weight/seed, boll weight, seed index and seed cotton/seed. In biplot analysis, intraspecific hybrids and their parents were present very close to each other while interspecific hybr...

Iffat Nawaz1*, Farhatullah1, Fida Muhammad1, Sajid Ali2 and Ghulam Muhammad Ali

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 36, Iss. 2, Pages 374-733


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