Mohammed A. Rohaim1*, Rania F. El Naggar2, Ahmed M. Helal3, Hussein Ahmed Hussein1 and Neil LeBlanc4

...f, (112KRQKR116), at the cleavage site of the fusion (F) protein indicated the emergence of PPMV-1 in Egypt. Phylogenetic analysis of the F and haemagglutinin-neuraminidase (HN) genes indicated that the isolate clustered with the PPMV-1 strains recently reported from Israel within subgenotype VIb. Our findings report the emergence of PPMV-1 in Egyptian pigeons and the potential role these wild birds can play in the transmission and evolution dynamics of PPMV-1...

Ahmed Samy, Wesam Mady, Naglaa M. Haggag, Samah H. Mohamed, Ebtissam N. AlShamy, M.K. Hassan

...with difference close to cleavage site (HARSSR/ GLF) and (PARSSR/GLF) for V3 and RSF/1 respectively. Results of growth kinetics in PBMCs showed that V3 replicated more efficiently comparing to RSF/1 at all-time points. Further, strain V3 induced significant up-regulation of IL-1b and IL-6 at 24 hours post infections (hpi) comparing to RSF/1. However, both strains induced significant up-regulations of interleukin (IL)-8 at 1 and 3hpi and interferon (IFN)-&alpha...
Sameera Akhtar1*, Muhammad Akram Muneer1, Khushi Muhammad1, Muhammad Yasin Tipu1, Muhammad Anees2, Imran Rashid1, Raza-ur-Rehman3 and Irshad Hussain1
... undertaken. Proteolytic cleavage site of F0 showed a cleavage motif (112RRQKR↓F117), representative of a velogenic serotype. Moreover, based on F and HN gene nucleotide sequence analysis, the isolate clustered as genotype VII closely associated to those reported from Indonesia. Further sequence analysis of hyper-variable region within F gene revealed its clustering to sub-genotype VIIe. The inferred residue analysis of th...
Jun Cui, Xiaoxu Zhou, Zhicheng Wang, Derong Kong, Xuemei Qiu, Hongdi Wang and Xiuli Wang*
...taining a signal peptide cleavage site between amino acids 18 and 19. The CcWap65 is a hydrophilic protein and no trans-membrane topological proteins. The SMART analysis revealed that CcWap65 contains three hemopexin-like repeats (E-value < 0.05). The crucian carp Wap65 was mainly expressed in liver, with limited expression observed in intestine, skeletal muscle and kidney. CcWap65 was significantly up-regulated in the liver of crucian carp af...

Ahmed Samy1*, Hala Mohamed Nabil Tolba2, Gamelat Kotb Farag3 and Ahmed Abd El Halim1 

...tested isolates harbor a cleavage site with multi basic amino acid 112KRQKR/F117 characteristic of velogenic strains. However, phylogenetic analysis revealed clustering of all tested strains within sub-genotype VIg. Three isolates were assessed for pathogenicity based upon the mean death time (MDT), the intracerebral pathogenicity index (ICPI) and the intravenous pathogenicity index (IVPI) in chicken. The ICPI and MDT revealed that all tested isolates were of ...
Iram Gull*, Muhammad Shahbaz Aslam, Imran Tipu, Roohi Mushtaq and Muhammad Amin Athar
...tion of HCV NS3 protease cleavage site at splicing junction is reported.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 5, Pages 1631-2026


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