Yunjun Yan, Zhenming Lü, Tianming Wang, Yongjiu Chen, Jingwen Yang, Baoying Guo, Lihua Jiang, Changwen Wu and Liqin Liu*
...logenetic analysis of 24 cephalopoda species based on the complete mitochondrial genome showed that the O. dollfusi is most closely related to Amphioctopus aegina. These results seems to support the recent notion that O. dollfusi should be considered as synonym of Amphioctopus aegina. More morphologic and molecular evidences should be involved to resolve the taxonomic status of O. dollfusi in future’s studies.

Xiangbin Meng1,Tianxiang Gao2, Chunhou Li3, Na Song1, Lu Liu1, Liqin Liu2 and Xiumei Zhang1,*


...mically important marine cephalopoda. The availability of highly polymorphic markers will be important to promote the conservation of this species. We performed next-generation sequencing and de novo assembly to obtain potential useful microsatellite markers for S. esculenta. Among 80 tested microsatellite markers, 19 showed polymorphism among S. esculenta individuals. The allele number of all polymorphic microsatellite markers ranged from...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 50, Iss. 6, Pages 1999-2398


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