Mazhir Nadeem Ishaq, Li Cui Xia, Rukhsana Rasheed, Zeeshan Ahmad, Muhammad Abdullah

...duction, reared improved cattle breeds, get better access to veterinarian services and used more nutritious fodder (silage), as compared to non-members. The findings of study also provided the evidence that establishment of milk marketing cooperatives foster more economic opportunities to female dairy smallholders and assist them in rural development. Based on study findings certain policy options has also been suggested to extend the farmer cooperative activi...

Süleyman Kök1*, Sertaç Atalay1, Hasan Semih Eken2 and Mustafa Savaşçi3

...of Turkey’s native cattle breeds. TGC was a popular race to breeding within Thrace and Western Anatolia, but unfortunately they are under the threat of extinction recently. The application of gene specific molecular markers in genotyping and genetic identification is of essential significance for preserving genetic diversity. The aim of this study was to reveal the genotype profile of indigenous types for TGC breed. In order to characterize TGC populatio...
Sadia Munir1a, Asif Nadeem1a*, Maryam Javed1, Masroor Ellahi Babar2, Tanveer Hussain2, Wasim Shehzad1, Rajput Zahid Iqbal3 and Sidra Manzoor1 
...le. Samples from Sahiwal cattle breeds were sequenced using six set of primers. A total 15 polymorphisms; 12 in intronic and 3 in exonic region, were identified. The sequences of the amplified Pit1 gene fragments were aligned with the help of BLAST for SNPs identification. This is a first report toward genetic screening of this gene at molecular level in Sahiwal cattle of Pakistan. No work has been reported on this gene in Sahiwal cattle. In this study,...
Irshad Ali1, Mohammad Masood Tariq2,*, Abdul Waheed2, Ferhet Abbas Yousafzai1, Farhat Abbas Bokhari1, Majed Rafeeq1, Muhammad Ali1, Muhammad Adnan Attique1, Shahid Amin3 and Tahir Hameed1
Tanveer Hussain1,*, Masroor Ellahi Babar1, Marcos De Donato2, Abdul Wajid1, Asif Nadeem3, Zahoor Ahmad3, Waqas Ahmad Khan4, Sunday O. Peters5 and Ikhide G. Imumorin6
...etic diversity of native cattle breeds (Bos indicus) in Pakistan, partial sequencing of the mitochondrial gene cytochrome b (339 bp) was done in 136 individuals from 10 different breeds. Analysis of the Cyt b gene showed high conservation in Pakistani cattle as expected, with only 26 individuals showing nucleotide changes. Only 5 point mutations were present in multiple individuals (SNP), but one was specific for indicine cattle. Two Lohani and 5 Nari M...
Memis Ozdemir
...gene exon 3 or exon 4 in cattle breeds has the RsaI polymorphic digestion site. As a result of the study, it has been seen that the Prl/RsaI specificpolymorphic site is on exon 4 in Bos taurus cattle breeds, but have been not detected the RsaI restriction enzyme digestion site in Prl gene exon 3 region reported by many literature and, these results also have been approved by blasted ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 2, Pages 425-824


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