Rafi Ullah1, Sarzamin Khan1,*, Abdul Hafeez1, Asad Sultan1, Nazir Ahmad Khan2, Naila Chand1 and Naseer Ahmad1 
...her blood parameters and carcass characteristics indicated no significant differences (P > 0.05). Cost per kg of feed gradually decline with increasing dietary level of SCM inclusion levels (P < 0.05), indicating higher economic benefit. However, the gross return per bird and profit per kg meat were higher for diet D4 (P < 0.05). It was revealed that replacement of soyabean meal with silkworm meal did not affect broiler performance and carcass quality...
Saba Parveen Samo1, Moolchand Malhi1,*, Javed Gadahi2, Yan Lei3, Allah Bux Kaciwal1 and Saeed Ahmed Soomro1
...n B compared to A. Among carcass characteristics the carcass dressing % (52.99 ± 0.77 vs 49.41 ± 0.6 ) and leg weight (kg) (1.28 ± 0.06 vs 1.05 ± 0.04) increased (P < 0.05) in B compared to A. The physico-chemical properties of meat were not significantly different between the groups except fat content (2.75 ± 0.25 vs 2.00 ± 0.05%, P < 0.096) which tended to increase in B compared to A. These data demonstrated th...
Mutassim M. Abdelrahman1,*, Ibrahim A. Alhidary1, Gamaleldin M. Suliman1,2, Abdullah H. Alyemni3, Mohamed Y. Al-Saiady3, Faisal A. Alshamiry1,Mohsen M. Alobre1 and Riyadh S. Aljumaah1
Tahira Batool1*, Nabila Roohi1, Athar Mahmud
.... For slaughter and carcass characteristics at the age of eighteen weeks, 72 birds including 18 from each variety with 6 from each group were randomly selected and slaughtered. The collected data were analyzed by statistical analysis system (SAS, 9.1) software through factorial Analysis of Variance technique (ANOVA) and means were compared by Duncan’s Multiple Range (DMR) test. The findings of this study revealed L3 lysine regimen to be the best for...

Punjab University Journal of Zoology


Vol. 33, Iss. 2, pp. 99-248


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