Stephen Suleyman Schwartz

...ven French president Francois Hollande did, “these terrorists and fanatics... have nothing to do with the Muslim religion” is inaccurate.


Youssef Lhor1*, Mounir Khayli1, Mohamed Bouslikhane2, Mehdi El Harrak3, Ouafaa Fassi Fihri2


...tive surveillance of Culicoides (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) biting midge vectors from April 2009 to March 2010 in Morocco. In order to assess the implementation of integrated control measures and disease risk analysis, this entomological survey was performed on the risk of transmission of bluetongue virus (BTV) and identification of the main breeding sites of Culicoides. From April 2009 to March 2010, the study...

Christopher U Orji1*, Ignatius O Onyeocha2, Steven S Shaida3, Peter M Dede4, Bitrus Yakubu5, Elijah E Ella6 and Pam D Luka5

Usman Ijaz1, Muhammad Sajid Tahir2, Khalid Abdul Majeed3*, Shahid Iqbal4, Iffat Huma5, S. Firyal6, Ijaz Ahmed7, Shahid Chohan8 and Aamir Riaz Khan9 

Paul I. Ankeli, Mashood A. Raji, Haruna M. Kazeem, Moses O. Odugbo, Nendir J. Umaru, Idowu O. Fagbamila, Livinus T. Ikpa, Obinna O. Nwankiti, Issa A. Muraina, Pam D. Luka and Nicholas D. Nwankpa

...nd identify Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides (Mmm) from the ear canal of apparently healthy cattle in Plateau State, Nigeria. One hundred and sixty six ear swab samples (n=166) were cultured from which eight (8) Mycoplasma species were isolated and characterized using conventional biochemical tests and polymerase chain reaction (PCR), respectively. Six (6) were observed to ferment glucose, reduce tetrazolium chloride ...

Siyu Yang1, Fukuan Du2 and Pao Xu1,2*

Wali Khan*, Ghazal Mumtaz, Saima Bibi and Salma Afzal
... parasites Ascaris lumbricoides 26.7%, Trichuris trichura 19.6%, Taenia saginata 25 % and Entamoeba histolytica cyst 28.5% were detected. The highest prevalence was recorded for Entamoeba histolytica while Trichuris trichura was detected as the least parasitic infection. Coriandrum annum (Coriander) was found highly contaminated 14.2% with parasitic infection while Zingiber officinale (Ginger) with least 1.78%. The vegetable collected from lower Dir were highl...

A. Regupathy and R. Ayyasamy

Initiatives of papain industry by private-public-farmer link-ages in classical biocontrol program for papaya mealybug in Tamil Nadu


Biological control of earhead caterpillar, Helicoverpea armigera Hubner in sorghum
...Sciences, Dharwad. The mycoinsecticide N. rileyi was highly infective at both the dosages 1x108 conidia per litre & 2x108 conidia per litre against H. armigera as compared to Ha NPV 250 LE per hectare and chemical control in mitigating the pest population as well as in obtaining the higher yield.


Omar S.O. Amer1,3,*, Mohamed I. Waly2,4 andSaeed A. Al-Zahrani1
...ollows; Ascaris lumbricoides (n= 205, 1.8%), Giardia lamblia (n= 178, 1.6%), Entamoeba histolytica (n= 174, 1.57%), Trichuris trichiura (n= 118, 1.06%), Hymenolepis nana (n= 51, 0.46 %), Enterobius vermicularis (n= 28, 0.25%) and Taenia saginata (n= 21, 0.19%) respectively. The prevalence rate of these parasites in males and females as well as different age groups per month / year is provided. Intestinal parasit...
Lu Liu1, Sher Khan Panhwar2, Tianxiang Gao3, Zhiqiang Han3, Chunhou Li4, Dianrong Sun4 and Na Song1,*
Wali Khan1,*, Noor-Un-Nisa2 and Aly Khan3
...8/252), Ascaris lumbricoides 17% (n=43/252), Trichuris trichura 11.1% (n=28/252), Enterobius vermicularis 9.52 (n=24/252), Ancylostoma duodenale 3.96% (n=10/252), Taenia saginata 9.52% (n=25/252) and Hymenolepis nana 2.77% (n=7/252) were detected in order of their prevalence. The adults were found marginally more parasitized than children (P<0.05). The females were more infected than males with (P<0.05). No signi...

Manzoor Hussaina,b

...ith the increase in post-coital interval, the possibility to get the autosomal DNA STR profile of the perpetrator diminishes rapidly from an alive victim. This becomes more serious problem especially when victims of rape cases provide vaginal swabs after several days of the incidence. The study was designed to find the time interval at which autosomal STR system fails to generate the DNA profile the semen donor in the post-coi
Wali Khan1,*, Noor-Un-Nisa2 and Muhammad Asif Nawaz3
...6/447), Ascaris lumbricoides 20.3% (n=91/447), Hymenolepis nana 19.7% (n=88/447), Trichuris trichura 14.3% (n=64/447), Enterobius vermicularis 6.48% (n=29/447), Ancylostoma duodenale 2.90% (n=13/447), Entamoeba histolytica 2.68% (n=12/447), and Giardia lamblia/intestinalis 0.89%(n=4/447) were detected in order of their prevalence. The individuals below 15 years of age were found marginally more parasitized than ...

 Rabeea Tariq*, Khalid Mahmood Qureshi*, Imran Hassan*, Muhammad Rasheed* and Usman Shaukat Qureshi*

...M; T = 30 cm x 60 cm and coir; T = 15 cm x 30 3 4 cm and coir; T = 30 cm x 60 cm and peat moss; T = 15 cm x 30 cm and 5 6 peat moss. Results showed that plants grown at low planting distance on all growth media showed more pronounced results as compared to high planting distance. Plants grown in peat moss at both planting densities moderately increased the plant height, canopy size, leaf area, number of fruits, fruit size, f...

 Sajid Ali*, Quratulain Altaf** and Umar Farooq* 

...ted Lag (ARDL) model for cointegration was used to estimate the short-run and long-run elasticities. The study found a long-run price elasticity of 0.33, thereby revealing that FCV acreage response to its own price is relatively inelastic. The short-run acreage response was also low (0.13) and therefore relatively inelastic. This implies that price policy could not be used as the sole instrument to affect area under FCV. The provision of some other non-price i...
Grace Chinenye Onyishi, Ifeanyi Oscar Aguzie, Joseph O. Okoro, Christopher Didigwu Nwani*, Ngozi Ezenwaji, Ndubisi Stanley Oluah and Fabian C. Okafor
...three species Cosmocercoides sp., Capillaria sp. and Philonema sp. were recovered. Mean intensity of Capillaria in A. achatina was 8.33 (5.00 – 12.00 [95% CI]) while Cosmocercoides sp. intensity in L. gracilis was 7.67 (6.00 – 11.00 [95% CI]). Diversity of parasite species in the snails assessed using diversity indices accorded A. balteata highest values for...
Ligia Neves Scuarcialupi, Laila Andreia Rodrigues Beserra, Julia Rosas Hochheim, Rodrigo Martins Soares, Fabio Gregori*
...tected in laying hen, in coinfection with RVF. This data contributes to a better understanding of rotavirus distribution in Brazil.
Nadeem Munawar, Iftikhar Hussain and Tariq Mahmood*
...rity stage of wheat crop coincided with spring breeding season while the maturity stages of millet/maize and groundnut matched with monsoon/autumn breeding peak of the rodents in the study area. The burrow density recorded inside the wheat crop at various stages of growth and in uncultivated fields was significantly higher than those on field boundaries. The overall comparison of the rodent burrows occurrence in groundnut crop indicated a significantly higher ...
Musrrat Fatima, Muhammad Saad Khan, Hamid Rashid, Asim Mehmood, Sumaira Kanwal, Muhammad Asif Rasheed and Farrukh Jamil*
...ZIKV. Here we uses pharmacoinformatics techniques to identify potential inhibitors against ZIKV protease NS2B-NS3, which has a well-known role in the viral replication. By using three dimensional structure of the NS2B-NS3, an allosteric site has been identified in the protein. Moreover, the identified site is used for structure-based virtual screening. After screening 100,000 compounds, 14 compounds are selected, which fulfilled different already established d...
Wael S. El-Tohamy1,*, Russell R. Hopcroft2 and Nagwa E.M. Abdel Aziz3
...alanidae and the harpacticoid Euterpina acutifrons. In the lower salinity transects, the tintinnid Favella serrata dominated the estuary midstream, together with several rotifer species in the estuary upstream. The juvenile copepods and the cyclopoid Oithona spp. together with the numerically dominant polychaete and cirriped larvae seemed little affected by salinity gradients.
Hanif Ur Rahman1, Umer Saddique1, Zahoor-ul-Hassan1, Shakoor Ahmad1, Muhammad Kamal Shah1, Said Sajjad Ali Shah1, Farhan Anwar Khan1Fazli Rabbani2, Muhammad Asif Hussain2, Attaur-Rahman2, Irshad Ahmad3,4 and Sadeeq ur Rahman2,*
...aused by Mycoplasma mycoides (MM) - a cluster of six member species. However, literature is not available regarding the causative agents of CCPP in sheep and goats in Northern Pakistan. The current study was thus aimed to identify relative abundance of members of MM in small ruminants suspected of CCPP in Northern region of Pakistan. A total of 300 samples, (150 sheep and 150 goats) were randomly collected from nasal discharge, pleural fluid and lung ti...

Dilshad Ahmad1*, Muhammad Irfan Chani1 and Muhammad Afzal2 

... to analyze the long run cointegration among variables, obtaining annual time series data from 1973 to 2014. An empirical estimation of ARDL approach has indicated the evidence of long-run cointegration of model. Empirical findings of the study indicate positive (5.178151) and significant relationship between agriculture credit and agricultural output. Labor participating in agriculture has positive (14.98381) yet insignific...
Tevfik Ceyhan1,*, Osman Samsun2 and Okan Akyol1
...nt of a MLS of 38cm that coincides with the length at first maturity would be also beneficial for the stock. Our results suggest that the garfish stock undergoes high levels of fishing pressure and the adoption of management measures is necessary.

Aiguo Zhou1,3,4, Shaolin Xie1,4, Zhenlu Wang1, Lanfen Fan1, Yanfeng Chen2, QiaoYe1, Fang Zeng1 and Jixing Zou1,*


...s and Epinephelus coioides as outgroups, molecular phylogenetic tree showed that all the haploids gather together as a branch and crossing each other. These indicated that the white type Channa argus should be regard as an albino of biocolor type.
Jam Nazeer Ahmad1,2,*, Muhammad Jafir1, Muhammad Wajid Javed1, Sumaira Maqsood3 and Samina J.N. Ahmad1,2,*
Madeeha Khalid and Amtul Jamil Sami*
...he SNPs were observed to coincide with the reported data from various sources. Two SNPs at position -62 and -56 (relative to transcription start site) are novel and not reported elsewhere up to the best of our knowledge. The minor allele frequencies of SNPs at position -57, -50, -48, -40, -34, -1 and +58, respectively are higher than other populations. All the observed SNPs are located in the region involved in transcription factor binding. This study is the f...
Fukuan Du1,2, Yongkai Tang1, Juhua Yu1, Shengyan Su1, Fan Yu1, Jianlin Li1, Hongxia Li1, Meiyao Wang1 and Pao Xu1,2,*
Sehrish Ashraaf1, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir1, Muhammad Akram Qazi2, Shaukat Ali1*
Xuefeng Cao1, Guangneng Peng1, Xiaobin Gu1, Changliang He1, Guizhou Yue2, Jun Shi3,* and Zhijun Zhong1,*
...n methodology, while the coincidence rate for DARPM and the same method with DNA added was also 100%. Therefore, DARPM detects CPV and CDV without the need for pre-PCR nuclear acid extraction. Our results show that DARPM is a specific, sensitive, fast and powerful method for detecting CPV and CDV in clinical samples.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 4, Pages 1203-1598


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