Abdur Rahim1, Ghulam Abbas1*, Lorenzo Gallus2, Sara Ferrando2, Muhammad Hafeez-ur-Rehman3, Abdul Ghaffar4 and Abdul Mateen5

...nutrient utilization and body composition of juvenile black fin sea bream, Acanthopagrus berda (weight 23.5g−125.8 g) were investigated. Fish were randomly distributed in rectangular glass tanks (150 liter) and were fed at six ration levels of 2.0, 2.5, 3.0,3.5, 4.0 and 4.5% body weight per day (BW d−1) and four feeding frequency i.e., once, twice, thrice and four times per day. Fish in all replicates were fed with diet comprising 40% protein and 2...
Abdur Rahim1, Ghulam Abbas1,*, Muhammad Naeem2, Sara Ferrando3, Lorenzo Gallus3, Muhammad Hafeez-ur-Rehman4, Abdul Ghaffar5 and Abdul Mateen6
...nutrient utilization and body composition of juvenile black fin sea bream Acanthopagrus berda was investigated. Fish juvenile (10.1±0.5 g) were collected from Sonari Channel, Hawksbay, Karachi and were brought to aquaculture laboratory of the Centre for 15 days acclimatization. After acclimatization, they were randomly distributed into the rectangular tanks (3 × 1.5 ×1.5 ft each). In each tank, 10 fish were stocked with three replicat...
Hameeda Kalhoro1, Abdul Malik2,Ghulam Abbas2,*, Illahi Bux Kalhoro3, Sajjad Ali Shah4and Haleema Kalhoro3
Aqsa Mehboob1, Noor Khan1,*, Usman Atiq1, Khalid Javed Iqbal2, Rafia Tayyab1, Syeda Suhaira Batool1, Hafiza Saleha Batool1, Sana Amjad1 and Mehwish Tanveer1 
...the survival, growth and body composition of striped catfish Pangasius hypophthalmus. The experiment was conducted in fiberglass tank having capacity of 18 L water with a stocking density of 25 fish fry per aquaria. There were two treatment groups; T1, T2 and a control (T0) each was replicated twice. Fenugreek as an additive was added in experimental feed at the rate of 0.5% in T1 and 1.0% in T2 whi...
Naheed Bano* and Muhammad Afzal
...lt; 0.05) interaction on body composition and mineral utilization in rohu. Citric acid and phytase supplementation improves the diet by increasing the availability of minerals and quality of fish by positively affecting the body composition of fish. 3% citric acid and 1000FTU phytase proves to be interacted positively. Further study is required to find the optimum levels of phytase and citric acid in this regard.
Abdul Malik1,2, Ghulam Abbas1,*, Abdul Ghaffar3, Ghulam Dastagir4, Sara Ferrando5, Lorenzo Gallus5, Asad Ali Muhammad1,6, Abdul Jabbar2 and Khalil-ur-Rehman2 
...rmance, food conversion, body composition and survival rate of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (mean body weight 4.5±0.5 g) were investigated. Fingerlings were randomly distributed into the glass tanks (60 x 30 x 45 cm each). Ten fish per tank were stocked with two replications. Fish were fed with commercial floating pellet (35% protein) with 3% of total biomass day-1 for 50 days. Results showed that the growth increment reared on ...
Hao Zhang,1,2,3,* Hai Tao Nie,3 Tie Wei Ma,3 Zi Yu Wang3 and Feng Wang3
...up for measuring initial body composition. Another seven lambs were also randomly chosen and offered a pelleted mixed diet (approximately concentrate : roughage = 60 : 40, DM basis) for ad libitum intake and slaughtered at 41.73 ± 0.53 kg BW. The remaining lambs (n = 21) were allocated randomly on d 0 to 3 treatment intake levels (treatments were ad libitum or restricted to 70 or 40% of the ad libitum intake) within 7 slaughter groups. A slaughter group...
Muhammad Mudassar Shahzad1,2, Syed Makhdoom Hussain2,*, Farhat Jabeen2, Abdullah Ijaz Hussain3, Arshad Javid4, Muhammad Asrar2 and Muhammad Zubair-ul-Hassan Arsalan2

Rabia Iqbal, Muhammad Naeem*, Samrah Masud and Abir Ishtiaq 

...onducted to estimate the body composition parameters in hybrid fry (Labeo rohita ♀ and Catla catla ♂) by feeding them at three graded protein feeds (15%CP, 20%CP, 25%CP). Eighteen days old fry of hybrid (L. rohita ♀ and C. catla ♂) of 0.12±0.08 average weight(g) and length(cm) 1.63±0.21 were acclimatized and shifted in hapas (8x6x3 ft.), fed at the rate of 5% of their wet body weight. Ten samples from each hapa were randomly selected at t...
Daniel Masood1, Noor Khan1*, Khalid Javed Iqbal2, Sadaf Dogar1, Abdul Hanan1, Sadia Nazir1, Sheeza Bano1, Azra Anwar2, Sameul A.M. Martin3  and Chris J. Secombes3
...ifera) on growth and body composition of Labeo rohita fingerlings. L. rohita (average weight 190.25±00g) were stocked randomly in glass aquaria for a 90 day feeding trial. Fish were fed twice daily with four different iso-nitrogenous diets at a feeding level of 3% of total biomass. The diets contained 26% crude protein in which moringa meal substituted soybean meal at 0% (control), 10%, 20% and 30%, with the groups fed these dietsdesig...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 4, Pages 1225-1630


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