Guang-Xin E1, Yong-Ju Zhao1, Zhong-Yuan Zhang1, Yan-Guo Han1, Wei-Wei Ni1, Ming-Xing Chu2, Yue-Hui Ma2, Jian-Ning He3, Huai-Zhi Jiang4, Jia-Hua Zhang1, Zhong-Quan Zhao1, Yan Zeng1, Ri-Su Na1, Gao-Fu Wang5, Hang-Xing Ren5 and Yong-Fu Huang1*
..., Jining grey goat, Dazu black goat) and three low fecundity goats (Boer goat, Nubian goat, Inner Mongolia Cashmere goat). The results revealed a high diversity of those markers in the goat populations. The population structure did not diverge significantly between high fecundity goats and low fecundity populations, but it followed the agro-ecological zone and management history. This indicated that the frequency of those five microsatellites did not increase ...
Jianping Li1, Qian Jiang2, Wei Chen2, Yumei Li3, Huaizhi Jiang4, Jinlong Huo5 and Qiaoling Zhang2*
...ashmere goat than in the black goat, and this significant difference was detected by q-PCR and western blotting. All cashmere goats of different colors examined by immunohistochemical analysis showed either weak (the black cashmere goat) or strong (the white cashmere goat) expression of the KIT protein. These findings suggested a relationship between mutations in KIT exon 13 and differential fur color in cashmere goats. These results lay the foun...
Jun Yan Bai1,*, Yong Gang Zhao2 and Yu Qin Wang1
...his study, GHRL genes of black goat and Yaoshan goat were collected for PCR amplification. Polymorphism of goat species was tested by sequencing technology. Results demonstrated that there are two mutation sites (SNP loci) of the primer GHRL-2 in black goat and Yaoshan goat, which are G447C site and T498C site. At G447C site, gene frequencies of G and C in black goat and Yaoshan goat were ...
Zhongquan Zhao*, Tianyuan Yang, Lei Qiao, Qijie He and Zinuo Dai
... characteristics of Dazu black goats (1056 kidding, 584 adult does and 224 adult bucks) have been researched in this study. The results showed that the age of puberty, sex maturity and breeding for male and female kids were 102.0±4.2 days vs. 117.0±8.7 days; 216.0±28.5 days vs. 195.0±22.4 days; 490.0±38.5 days vs. 355.0±27.5 days, respectively. Estrous cycle was 20.1±0.5 days. The duration of the natural estrous...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 2, Pages 425-824


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