Anam Javed, Javed Iqbal Qazi*

Skin health implications of Chemical detergents and importance of biodetergents common utilization of biosurfactants from domestic to industrial level. Biodetergents do not cause health complications, and as they are readily biodegradable so do not persist in environment. Our body’s protecting shield, the skin, has more chances of exposure and biodetergents have potential to eliminate the associated risk. Economical production of biosurface active substances at industrial level through utilization of bio-waste origin feedstocks w...
Dur-E-Shahwar1,2, Riaz Ahmad Sheikh1, Nazia Jamil2*
...focused on production of biosurfactants from indigenous bacteria, isolated from produced water and produced water contaminated soil samples collected from three selected sites of Eastern Potwar, Punjab, Pakistan. Forty seven bacteria were isolated out of which five (F1, F3, F20, F23 and C16) were selected on the basis of high optical densities of 0.7, 70% oil and grease reduction potential and maximum CFU/ml of ≥3 ×106. The weights in g/l o...


...aluating the presence of biosurfactants but many of these show variable results under the same conditions and for the same organism. Most commonly applied screening assays including oil spreading technique (OST), tilted glass slide assay (TGS), drop collapse assay, emulsification index E24 and emulsification assay were used to evaluate production of biosurfactants in five biochemically identified strains isolated form oil co...

Biologia (Lahore)


2021, Vol.67, Iss. 1


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