Muhammad Mohsin Javed*, Muhammad Azhar Nisar, Bushra Muneer and Muhammad Usman Ahmad
...ed was subjected for the bioelectricity production by using vegetable waste extract as substrate. The power production was analyzed for three days. Maximum power density of 88990mW/m2 with a current density of 314.4mA/m2 was observed on the second day of process with minimum internal resistance comparatively i.e. 123.23Ω. The higher power density shows efficiency of this U-shaped design compare to other dual chamber MFCs.
Muhammad Mohsin Javed1*, Muhammad Azhar Nisar2 and 

Muhammad Usman Ahmad2 

...te has been analyzed for bioelectricity production in locally designed U-shaped microbial fuel cell. These fuel cells were subjected to different concentrations of NaCl and pH for evaluation of power generation. The MFC with 50 mM NaCl concentration showed maximum response and gave 88.9 W/m2 power densities and 569 mV of open circuit voltage. The results showed that NaCl, at its optimum level, plays an important role in increasing the

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 54, Iss. 4, Pages 1501-2001


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