Nadeem Akmal, Hassnain Shah*, Muhammad Azam Niazi** and Waqar Akhtar*

...f 38 buck holders and 31 beneficiary farmers using a structured pretested questionnaire. The main influencing factor in keeping bucks was goat breed improvement. All the sample respondents were convinced of the benefits of crosses with Beetal buck and reported that the offsprings Beetal were of higher body weight (40% higher), good looking and well built. Regarding the suitability of Beetal with fodder and forage in the area, majority of the farmers (73%) cons...

Arshed Bashir *, Shamsheer-Ul-Haq**, Mazher Abbas*, M. Aamir Munir** and Aneela Afzal***


... during April, 2010. The beneficiary farmers were operating significantly larger land holdings. Area under new high yielding, with more sugar recovery varieties was relatively higher at beneficiary farms as compared to non-beneficiary farms. The beneficiary farmers were getting higher returns from sugarcane production (fresh and ratoon crops) as compared to non-beneficiary farms. Inclusion of small and medium farmers in the ...

Arjumand Nizami1, Muhammad Zulfiqar2*, Jawad Ali1, Naushad Khan2 and Imran Sheikh

...ember 2018 from the same beneficiary farmers. The data collected were analyzed using MS-Excel. The analysis of the data reflected that although canal water was available but about 80% at head, 50% at middle and 20% at tail. Thus remaining irrigation water requirement i.e. about 20% at head, 50% at middle and 80% at tail was met through tube well operation. The result from before and after AWD technology and laser land leveling technology adaption shows that 24...

Arshad Farooq1, Muhammad Ishaq2, Abdul Hassan1, Muhammad Zafarullah Khan3 and Asif Nawaz3*

... Out of 203 subscribers (beneficiary farmers), sixty farmers were interviewed through interview schedule. Knowledge index was used for measuring farmers’ knowledge level. The study revealed that application of mobile phones decreased the communication gap (88%) between the farmers and agricultural extension department. The agricultural advisory services provided through mobile phones have improved the knowledge level of farmers in crop varieties selectio...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 38, Iss. 2, Pages 388-758


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