Aqila Shaheen and Mehwish Matien

...C), total nitrogen (TN), available phosphorus (AP), extractable potassium (K) and pH. Statistically (p ≤ 0.05) higher SOC contents of Inceptisols and Mollisols were 14.18 g kg-1 and 23.42 g kg-1, respectively under forest land use. At both sites forest soils had higher SOC and AP while K was higher in grassland use. Forest soils had slightly acidic pH and lower BD than cultivated land uses. Data combined over locations illustrated t...

 Safdar Ali, Sahiba, M. Azim Malik, Fayyaz-ul-Hassan and M. Ansar*

...r 0.65%, saturation 30%, available phosphorus 5.7 mg kg -1 and available potassium 78 mg kg . Maize cv. Sargodha-2002 was sown in randomized complete block design (factorial) and was fertilized with four -1 each nitrogen @ 0, 60, 120 and 180 kg ha and phosphorus 0, 30, 60 and 90 -1 kg ha doses. Significant increase in green fodder and dry matter yield was observed with the increased doses of nitrogen and phosphorus. Overall, the -1 nitrogen application @ 180 k...

Aamir Saleem1, Arshad Mahmood Malik2*, Najam Ul Hassan1 and Imtiaz A. Qamar

...ogen, organic matter and available phosphorus), crop parameter (Number of tillers, number of leaves, plant height, fresh land dry weight and crude protein) and meteorological data regarding rain fall, temperature, pan evaporation, sunshine and wind speed for interpreting results along with their statistical analysis as fixing legume with grass has improved the forage quality. Overall, these results has suggested that grass-legume mixtures can improve livestock...

Stanley Uchenna Onwudike* and Vivian Chizoba Edoziem 

... carbon, Al–P with available phosphorus and moisture content while Ca–P and Fe-Al–P had significant relation with available phosphorus and effective cation exchange capacity. As a result of different concentrations of inorganic phosphorus forms within these roots zones, appropriate agronomic management practices such as crop rotation, mixed cropping and shifting cultivation is recommended for sustainable ph...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 36, Iss. 3, Pages 734-1009


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