Muhammad Waqas1*, Anwar Ali Shad1, Omaira Bashir2 and Mohsin Iqbal3

...arotenoids showed higher antioxidant activity in comparison to 200 mg/kg Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT). Optimum cooking time, its weight and swelling index were remained same at different level of oil carotenoids tomato peel powder when compared with control. On the other hand spaghetti cooking becomes decrease by increase of carotenoids level in spaghetti when compared with control. Organoleptic evaluation of spaghetti prepared from lycopene revealed maximum...

Zahid Mehmood*, Alam Zeb and Muhammad Ayub 

...otal phenolic compounds, antioxidant activity, ascorbic acid) and organoleptic characteristics (flavor, color, texture and overall acceptability). The results revealed decrease (P<0.05) in pH, ascorbic acid, total phenolic content, antioxidant activity while increase in acidity, total soluble solids during six months storage. Decrease in score of organoleptic attributes was recorded during the storage. The results reveale...
Mehwish Aftab, Tariq Mahmud*, Muhammad Asim Raza Basra, Aqsa Gulzar, Sumaira Basharat and H.M. Junaid
... ICP. Schiff base showed antioxidant activity against diphenylpicrylhydrazyl (DPPH). The results showed that metal complexes are good antioxidant agents as compared to Trolox (standard) and ligand was less active as compared to Trolox. The Schiff base ligand and its metal (III) complexes showed antibacterial activity against E. coli, S. aureus by disc diffusion method and antifungal activity against Macrophomina phaseolina, Fusarium oxysporum. Th...
Ashraf M. Mounir, A.N. El shahat* and A.M. Abdul Azeem anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. Gamma-irradiation is used for decontamination of Boswellia tears to achieve satisfactory microbiological quality and public health safety. Hence, examining the effect of gamma-irradiation on the contents of Boswellia oleo-gum resin and also investigating the role of gamma-irradiate frankincense aqueous extract (GFAE) against ISO-induced MI in rats were the two aims of this study. The total phenolic c...

Asma Sohail1*, Aina Rafique2, Kashif Sarfraz Abbasi1 and Maryum Arif3 

...thod for gaining maximum antioxidant activity from date fruit powders. Antimicrobial activity and natural antioxidants in date fruit powder showed that it can be used as functional food. 

A.M. Abdul Azeem, A.N. El Shahat* and Ashraf M. Mounir
...otal phenolic content andantioxidant activity of pomegranate peel powder as well as to evaluate the effect of gamma-irradiated pomegranate peels extract (GPE) against biochemical alterations of lead induced testicular and hepato-toxicity in rats. From the results, it was obtained that gamma irradiation induced significant increase in the total phenolic content and antioxidant activity of pomegranate peels powder. Concurrent ...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 3, Pages 801-1202


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