Eman M. Farghaly1, Ahmed Samy1,2*, Heba Roshdy

...ng the light on emerging antimicrobial resistance that represent major concern for public health. A total one hundred swabs and 500 organ samples were collected from apparently healthy and freshly dead quails respectively. Bacterial isolation and characterization were performed in accordance with the clinical laboratory standards and confirmed by PCR. In life birds, only E.coli and Salmonella could be recovered from Cloacal swabs, while in freshly dead birds a...

Idowu Fagbamila1*, Adaobi Okeke2, Micheal Dashen2, Patricia Lar2, Sati Ngulukun1, Benshak Audu1, David Ehizibolo1, Paul Ankeli1, Pam Luka1, Maryam Muhammad1

...es on the occurrence and antimicrobial resistance profile of Salmonella in poultry slaughter slab (processing plants) in Nigeria. The relatively high prevalence rate documented in this study may be attributed to the generally poor infrastructure, lack of well-equipped poultry slaughter houses, lack or inadequate water supply at these markets which hampers the ability of handlers to maintain good sanitary and hygiene conditions of the carcass, environment and t...
Aqeela Ashraf1,2,*, Muhammad Imran1 and Yung-Fu Chang2
...s aimed to determine the antimicrobial resistance of E. coli isolates from bovine mastitis and identification of antimicrobial resistance and virulence genes associated with them. Antimicrobial susceptibility testing was performed by disk diffusion method. Resistance and virulence genes were detected by PCR. The results showed that 100% of isolates were resistant to penicillin, 54% to ampicillin, 44% to tetracycline a...

Asinamai Athliamai Bitrus1*, Olabode Mayowa Peter2, Muhammad Adamu Abbas3 and Mohammed Dauda Goni

...stify;">The emergence of antimicrobial resistance in Staphylococcus aureus posed a major veterinary and public challenge worldwide. S. aureus being a highly versatile pathogen can quickly acquire resistance genes. The development of resistance in bacteria predates the era of antibiotic use. However, resistance developments in S. aureus have been reported since the early 1940-ties, when penicillin resistant S. aureus was first reported. Ever since, this pathoge...

Veterinary Sciences: Research and Reviews


Vol. 5, Iss. 1, Pages 1-32


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