Asim Gulzar1,*, Ather Maqsood1, Munir Ahmed1, Muhammad Tariq1, Muhammad Ali2 and Rahmatullah Qureshi3
... toxicity, sublethal and antifeedant effect. The result showed that ethanol based extract was the most effective to control the H. armigera followed by the ethyl acetate. The sublethal concentration of ethanol based extract of C. colocynthis increased larval and pupal duration as compared with control. The percent pupation, adult emergence and pupal weight decreased in treated populations as compared with control populations. The results o...
Aqeel Mehboob, Syed Muhammad Zaka*, Muhammad Sarmadand Maryam Bajwa
...importance nowadays. The antifeedant and oviposition deterrent index of Moringa oleifera, Murraya paniculata and Piper nigrum leaf extracts were evaluated against S. litura by choice and no choice method under laboratory controlled conditions. In M. oleifera extract, the maximum antifeedant index was recorded in 125.00 mg/ml (64.93±2.61), while minimum antife...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 5, Pages 1599-1997


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