Shumaila Ashfaq1, Liaqat Ali2*, Muhammad Ashraf Zia2, Rizwan Ahmad Khan2 and Mehtash Butt3
... its safety than general anaesthesia. Post dural puncture headache (PDPH) is commonly occurring problem associated with spinal anaesthesia and causes a considerable morbidity. PDPH depends on several factor and various methods have been used to reduce and treat the pain of PDPH. We evaluated effects of hydrocortisone on the treatment of PDPH in obstetrical patient.To compare mean decrease in Visual Analogue Scalepain score i...
Rahim Dad Brohi1,*, Amir Bukhsh Kalhoro1, Allah Bux Kachiwal1, Illahi Bux Kalhoro1, Dildar Hussain Kalhoro1, Sarfaraz Ahmed2, Farhan Anwar Khan3, Hira Sajjad Talpur1, Zia-ur-Rehman1 and Dinesh Bhattaria4
...and a full recovery from anaesthesia (thiopentone sodium, 13.67 ± 0.4216; and propofol, 12.45 ± 0.2432 min) were differed from one another. Comparing the results of this study, it is concluded that the intravenous therapy of propofol caused a smooth quality of induction and recovery from anesthesia. Based on the measured parameters it also concludes that propofol is preferably recommended as safe therapy than thiopentone sodium for the surgical o...
Chaman Ara1*, Asmatullah1, Sehrish Kanwa1, Asma Chaudhary2, Ayesha Siddiqua1
...d) under deep chloroform anaesthesia. Blood was extracted through cardiac puncture and viscera were dissected out for further analysis. Levofloxacin induced reduction in body weight while caused a noticeable increase in liver, kidney and testis weights. Significant increase in levels of total alkaline aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate transaminase (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and bilirubin was observed in blood plasma. Urea level showed a remarkable decre...
Atta Muhammad Memon1, Ubedullah Kaka2*, Muhammad Umer3, Asghar Ali Kamboh4, Atique Ahmed Behan5, Habibullah Janyaro6, Yong Meng Goh7, Amir Bukhsh Kalhoro6Jalila Abu8, Khaleeq ur Rehman Bhutto9 and Arsalan Maqbool10

...l;">Smooth recovery from anaesthesia is vital in the restrain and surgery of animals, including birds. In birds, ketamine is often combined with alph2 agonists, which are respiratory depressants to ensure safe or balanced anaesthesia. The timing of administration and the effect on recovery for specific alhpa2 agonist antidotes in birds have not been widely investigated. This study was conducted to assess the reversal effects...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 6, Pages 2001-2521


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