Hina Fatima, Lal Almas and Bushra Yasmin

...was used to estimate the allocative efficiency of cotton-melon cropping systems efficiency. The result illustrates that none of the farmers to be optimally using their inputs. The average allocative efficiency was around 75%. Approximately 36 percent of farms allocative efficiency varies from 0.20 to 0.60. Around 60% of farms allocative efficiency ranges...

Naveed Muhammad, Syed Attaullah Shah*, Abbas Ullah Jan, Irfan Ullah, Muhammad Ibrahim and Salman Khan

...s carried out to examine allocative efficiency among tomato growers in Mohmand Agency, Pakistan. The study is based on primary data, collected through a well designed questionnaire from a sample of 115 tomato growers. A Cobb-Douglas type production model is used to estimate tomato yield and identify important factors affecting yield. Ordinary Least Square estimates for the model indicate that machinery, seed quantity, labor, number of irrigation, chemicals spr...

Irfan Ullah, Shahid Ali*, Muhammad Fayaz and Abbas Ullah Jan 

...y estimated and examined allocative efficiency of broiler farms in district Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Data from 120 respondents was collected through multistage random sampling technique. Stochastic frontier cost function of Cobb- Douglas type was used for the estimation of allocative efficiency. The function was estimated using Maximum Likelihood estimation technique. Results revealed that the mean

Amjad Ali1, Abbas Ullah Jan1, Lal Almas2, Noor Piao Khan1 and Khurran Nawaz Saddozai

...kistan. In current study allocative efficiency of sugarcane growers in district Charsadda was worked out with frontier model. Randomly 118 sugarcane growers were interviewed during crop season 2014-2015. For survey data a pre-tested structured questioner set according to objectives of the study was used. Coefficients of parameters were calculated by maximum likelihood estimation techniques. Per acre total yield, land rent and per acre inputs cost (labor hired,...

Mehran Ahmad, Syed Attaullah Shah and Shahid Ali* 

...omato yield and estimate allocative efficiency of tomato growers in district Mardan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The study was based on primary data, collected from a sample of 105 tomato growers selected through multistage random sampling procedure. Data was collected through a well-designed interview schedule during January-July, 2018. Cobb-Douglas type production function was used to estimate effect of important determinants on tomato yield. ...

 Aftab Khan1, Shahid Ali1, Murtaza1, Sufyan Ullah Khan2 and Syed Attaullah Shah1

...khtunkhwa to analyze the allocative efficiency of inputs in maize production. This study employed a multistage stage sampling technique for choosing the sample size. The data was collected from 200 respondents using a well–designed interview schedule. Cobb-Douglas type production function was modelled to estimated allocative efficiencies of individual inputs used in maize production. The estimated allocative efficiencies of Urea and DAP were 3.24 and 2.0...

Wajid Shah Yousafzai1, Irfan Ullah1*, Amjad Ali1, Mahmood Iqbal2 and Salman Khan1 

...main aim to estimate the allocative efficiency of onion production in District swat. Using multistage sampling technique cross sectional data was collected from 105 sample respondents in three villages (Aboha, Manyar and Parrai) of Tehsil Barikot, district Swat. Simple Linear Regression Model was employed to individual input contribution in total output. The concept of Marginal Value Products and Marginal Factor Cost was used to calculate Allocative Efficiency...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 35, Iss. 4, Pages 1020-1356


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