Huma Naz1,*, Sajid Abdullah2, Sidra Naz3, Sidra Abbas2, Wardah Hassan2, Shakeela Perveen2, Moazama Batool1, Laiba Shafique2 concentration. During acute toxicity test, behavioral changes and catalase activity in liver, kidney, gills, brain and muscle of the fish were also studied. The mean 96 h LC50 and lethal value for C. mrigala was determined as 47.56±0.04 and 93.89±0.07 mgL-1, respectively. The selected concentration of Fe+Ni+Pb+Zn concentrations showed strong and direct relationship with, fin movement followed by mucous secretion, h...
Fariha Latif* and Muhammad Javed
...hal concentration. These acute toxicity tests were performed at constant temperature (30oC), pH (8) and total hardness (250 mgL-1). All the three fish species varied significantly in their sensitivity towards metals mixture with the C. catla beingsignificantly highly sensitive followed by L. rohita and C. mrigala. After the acute toxicity tests, fish were exposed to 2/3rd...

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 3, Pages 801-1202


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