Muhammad Ibrahim1,2*, Syed Jawad Ahmad Shah1, Shaukat Hussain2, Musharaf Ahmad2 and Farhatullah3


...uccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici, is one of the most important diseases of wheat in many parts of the world including Pakistan. Surveillance for yellow rust occurrence, distribution and impact on wheat landscape was carried out along with recent deployment status of cultivars during 2012 in northwest Pakistan located close to the center of diversity of P. striiformis f.sp. tritici. Around 1600 wheat fields were sampled cove...

 Maqsood Qamar*, S. Dilanawaz Ahmad Gardazi**, Riaz-ud-Din*, Muhammad Sohail* and Syed Haider Abbas*

...riiformis Westend. f. sp. tritici) poses a serious threat to wheat production in cooler areas of Pakistan. The 70% area of wheat in Pakistan is prone to stripe rust disease. It can cause 10-17% yield losses if susceptible cultivars are planted under favorable conditions. Level of partial plant resistance in bread wheat and its impact on sustainable wheat production was studied at the National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad under natural conditions in ...
Tariq Mukhtar,1,* Abdul Jabbar1, Muhammad Usman Raja1 and Humayun Javed2
... gall nematode Anguina tritici (Steinbuch) in Sargodha division of the Punjab province of Pakistan. The overall incidence of ear cockle of wheat in the division was found to be 1.2% while the overall prevalence was 27%. As regards districts, the maximum incidence was recorded in district Bhakkar followed by Khushab. Similarly, the maximum prevalence was observed in district Bhakkar followed by Sargodha while it was the minimum in district Khushab. The i...

Yasir Ali1*, Muhammad Aslam Khan1, Muhammad Atiq1 and Muhammad Hussain2

...ondita Rob. exdesm f. sp. tritici , P. striiformis West. f. sp. tritici, P. graminis Pers. f. sp. tritici and the importance of race specific and non-specific rust resistance genes in in global wheat varieties. This knowledge will help as basis for plant pathologist, plant breeders and genetics to develop non-specific rust resistant wheat varieties through gene pyramiding or marker assiste...

Amir Afzal, Muhammad Ijaz and Sayed Rashad Ali Shah*

Determination of Suitable Growth Stage for Application of Fungicide against Stripe Rust in Wheat
...ccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) of wheat is severely detrimental disease. Improvement of crop through incorporation of resistance is practiced enormously. However, a wheat variety that has been recommended for cultivation may not remain resistant for long because of fluctuating nature of pathogen. Therefore, an alternative management strategy to control diseases is application of suitable fungicide at appropriate growth stage. For this, an experiment was co...

Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 4, Pages 692-956

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