Mohammad Fayaz, Abbas Ullah Jan, Dawood Jan

...Pakistan. A comparison of quality elasticity between urban and rural households is provided using Household Integrated Economic Survey (HIES) data from Pakistan Social and Standards Living Measurement (PSLM) 2010-11. The elasticities of interest were obtained via log-log inverse (LLI) functional form of Engel equation. The quantity and expenditure elasticities remained less than unity with reasonable differ- ence in magnitude across urban and rural households....

 Mohammad Fayaz, Abbas-ullah Jan, Dawood Jan, Ghaffar Ali and Yousaf Hayat

... households. Overall, the quality elasticity turned out to be positive with an estimated value of 0.0061 and 0.2375 for wheat & wheat flour and rice & rice flour, respectively. The estimation of quality elasticity based upon income quintiles revealed that the magnitude of quality elasticity increases for rice & rice flour (0.2019 to 0.2639) while decreases for wheat & wheat...

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 37, Iss. 1, Pages 1-330


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