Umed Ali Laghari, Ahmed Naqi Shah, Muhammad Nawaz Kandhro, Zia-ul-Hassan, Ghulam Murtaza Jamro and Khalid Hussain Talpur

...t;0.05) increased various growth traits and yield of grass pea genotypes. The crop supplied with 20 kg K2O ha-1 produced maximum branches per plant (5.2), pods per plant (32.3), seeds per pod (4.7), seed index (82.7 g) and seed yield (2589 kg ha-1) when compared with 0.0 and 10 kg K2O ha-1. Interestingly, Sel-449 was the most responsive genotype to K nutrition which resulted in higher branches per plant (5.3), pods per plant (29.7), seeds per pod (4.5), seed i...
Yaoguo Li1,2 and Maoxian He1
...ome methylation level and growth traits inpearl oyster, Pinctada fucata (P. fucata). The incidence of type II locus (hemi-methylation locus) was significantly correlated with the shell height and the shell length, with Pearson correlation coefficients of 0.204 and 0.233, separately. The incidence of type IV locus (super methylated locus) on the other hand was significantly correlated with the shell length, with Pearson correlation coefficient of ...

Attaullah Khan1, Muhammad Shafi1*, Jehan Bakht2 and Shazma Anwar1 has adversely affected growth traits of wheat varieties however, seed priming with CaCl2 has alleviated the adverse effects of salinity in wheat varieties. 


 R. Hussain* and A. N. Naqvi**

... Gojali goat. The data on growth traits indicated the average birth weight, weaning weight and adult weight as 1.53±0.070, 7.04±0.17 and 41.38±0.39 kg in males against 1.28±0.04, 5.61±0.58 and 25.21±0.37 kg in female specimens. The weaning age and adult age averaged 120±.0.15 and 1460±0.17 days, respectively. Milk production was 129.6±0.822 liters per lactation and the lactation period was 209.142&...

 Nisar Ahmed Soomro*, Abdul Fatah Soomro**, Hamz Ali Samo* and
Muhammad Siddique Depar***

...ed 2 , 3 and 4 in all the growth traits examined in this study. It was concluded that the differences in grain yield between the crop receiving five and four irrigations were statistically nonsignificant; which suggested that judicious application of four irrigations will be adequate to produce higher economic grain yield ha .

Ali Haider Saleem1,*, Khalid Javed2, Masroor Ellahi Babar3, Tanveer Hussain3, Asad Ali2, Afzal Ali2, Nisar Ahmad2, Muhammad Zahid Farooq1 and Muhammad Dawood2
... and associated with many growth traits like weaning weight, six month body weight and nine-month body weight etc. in cattle, buffalo, goat and sheep worldwide. LEP gene polymorphism and associations have not been extensively reported in Lohi sheep of Pakistan, so this study aimed to find any variations in gene sequence and possible association with growth rate to explore meat potential of this breed. A total of 18 Lohi animals were selected from the flock. Af...

Saeed Ullah1, Amanullah Jan1, Murad Ali2*, Wiqar Ahmad3, Hafeez Ur Rehman2, Muhammad Ishaq2 and Bilal Ahmad2  

...nhanced yield and related growth traits of the chickpea crop. Interaction among nutrients and application methods showed that application of nutrients with band placement method gave excellent results even at lower doses emphasizing proper application method as more important than mare increasing nutrient levels for obtaining higher returns 

Jun Yan Bai1,*, Yong Gang Zhao2 and Yu Qin Wang1
...ons for genetic marker of growth traits of goats. In this study, GHRL genes of black goat and Yaoshan goat were collected for PCR amplification. Polymorphism of goat species was tested by sequencing technology. Results demonstrated that there are two mutation sites (SNP loci) of the primer GHRL-2 in black goat and Yaoshan goat, which are G447C site and T498C site. At G447C site, gene frequencies of G and C in black goat and Yaoshan goat were detected 0.621/0.3...
Muhammad Tufail1, Naila Chand1, Rafiullah1, Shakoor Ahmad2, Rifat Ullah Khan2, Muhammad Mobashar3 and Shabana Naz4,*
Sajida Sabahat1, Asif Nadeem1,*, Maryam Javed1, Muhammad Yasir Zahoor1, Abu Saeed Hashmi1, Ghulam Yasein2 and Ghulam Abbas1 
... selective improvement of growth traits in camel. These results suggest that Marecha camel has genetic variability in the IGF-1 and may be helpful for preservation strategies and future selection programs.  



Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 5, Pages 1631-2026


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