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Sarhad Journal of Agriculture-Abstracting and Indexing

Sarhad Journal of Agriculture is currently being covered by following services:

1. AgBiotechNet
2. Animal Breeding Abstracts
3. Animal Science Database
4. Agricultural Economics Database
5. Agricultural Engineering Abstracts
6. Animal Production Database
8. Biocontrol News and Information
9. British Library UK
10. Biofuels Abstracts
11. Botanical Pesticides
12. B: Livestock Feeds and Feeding
13. CAB Abstracts
14. Crop Physiology Abstracts
15. Crop Science Database
16. Dairy Science Abstracts
17. Elsevier databases
18. Environmental Science Database
19. Environmental Impact
20. Field Crop Abstracts
21. Forest Science Database
22. Grasslands and Forage Abstracts
23. Horticultural Science Database
24. Helminthological Abstracts
25. Nutrition and Food Science Database
26. Parasitology Database
27. Poultry Abstracts
28. Protozoological Abstracts
29. Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC)
30. Review of Medical and Veterinary Entomology
31. Review of Medical and Veterinary Mycology
32. Review of Agricultural Entomology
33. Review of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants
34. Review of Plant Pathology
35. Rice Abstracts
36. Rural Development Abstracts
37. Scopus
38. Seed Abstracts
39. Soil Science Abstract
40. Soils and Fertilizers Abstracts
41. Soybean Abstracts
42. Sugar Industry Abstracts
43. Tropical Disease Bulletin
44. USDA National Agricultural Library
45. Ulrich's WEB
46. Veterinary Bulletin
47. Veterinary Science Database
48. VetMed Resource
49. World Meteorological Organization
50. World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts
51. Wheat, Barley and Triticale Abstracts, Weed Abstracts
52. ISI Web of Science (Thomson Reuters) Under Consideration*
53. CABI, UK



Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability Improvement in Tropical Region


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