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Safety Evaluation of Snacks and Beverages Sold at Various Locations of Faisalabad, Pakistan

Safety Evaluation of Snacks and Beverages Sold at Various Locations of Faisalabad, Pakistan

Iram Fatima1*, Imran Pasha1, Ambreen Saddozai2, Shahid Nadeem3, Amer Mumtaz4 and Saqib Jabbar4 

1National Institute of Food Science and Technology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan; 2Environmental Analytical Laboratory, National Physical and Standard Laboratory, Islamabad, Pakistan; 3Horticulture Research Institute, National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan; 4Food Sciences Research Institute, National Agriculture Research Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan.  


Street foods play their significant role in the society by satisfying hunger at affordable rate for poor slums. This low infrastructure business is rising day by day due to growing urbanization. The study aimed at exploring the safety status of various snacks and beverages sold in the streets of Faisalabad, Pakistan. The three zones of city were selected for the purpose of sample collection. Mean prevalence of E. coli 61.7% was indicated by Spread plate method. Prevalence of Total plate count checked and pathogenic count was calculated in CFU/g and CFU/ml, mean CFU for E. coli and TPC was (3.39×104 to 3.15×105). Total 47.9% samples of spices were found adulterated for eight different adulterants tested. Sugar samples were free of any adulteration while in beverages two other adulterants were found in 22% of samples. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) under two way factorial indicated significant statistical difference (P<0.05) in mean value of microbial count in different location while between different samples it was non-significant (P>0.05). Thus, the conducted study shows that the need for proper implementation of food safety legislation at this low scale patronage. 


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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 3, Pages 422-691


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