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Monitoring of Antioxidant Vitamins Concentrations in Some Ovine Diseases

Monitoring of Antioxidant Vitamins Concentrations in Some Ovine Diseases

Asmaa Abdallah Darwish 

Researcher at Department of animal and poultry health, Animal and Poultry Production Division, Desert Research Center, Mataria, Postal code: 11753, Egypt. 


Recently, antioxidant vitamins were prescribed in different treatment and prophylactic programs for human and animal. Unfortunately, few studies investigated their concentrations in different sheep diseases. So, this paper aimed to assess the antioxidant vitamins (E, A, D3 and C) levels in some sheep physiological and pathological conditions. For this purpose, 200 barki ewes were divided into control group, inflammatory diseases groups (pneumonic group, arthritic group, enteric group), late pregnant groups (normal late pregnant group, pregnancy toxemia group), postpartum groups (normal postpartum group, endometric group, mastitic group and non-inflammatory postpartum disorders group). Blood samples were collected from all ewes and vitamins concentrations were estimated in all groups. The results of this work demonstrated a significant (P< 0.05) decrease in vitamin E, A, D3 and C concentrations in inflammatory diseases groups, late pregnant groups and postpartum groups. Conclusion: antioxidant hypovitaminosis partially participate in different ovine diseases pathogenesis and complications and their supplement for healthy and diseased animals is strongly recommended.  


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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 4, Pages 1225-1630


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