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Metarhizium baoshanense sp. nov., a New Entomopathogen Fungus from Southwestern China

Metarhizium baoshanense sp. nov., a New Entomopathogen Fungus from Southwestern China

Zihong Chen1, Ling Xu2, Xiaona Yang2, Yaguan Zhang3* and Yuming Yang4

1Institute of Biological Resources of Gaoligong Mountains, Baoshan University, Baoshan 678000 Yunnan, China
2College of Resources and Environment, Baoshan University, Baoshan 678000, Yunnan, China
3College of Chemistry and Environmental Science, Qujing Normal University, Qujing 655011Yunnan, China
4Yunnan Province Key Laboratory of Forest Plant Cultivation and Utilization, Yunnan Academy of Forestry, Kunming 650201 Yunnan, China

*      Corresponding author:


Metarhizium is an entomopathogenic fungal genus relevant in biological protection. A new species of the genus, collected from Taibao mountain, Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, southwestern China, was described here as Metarhizium baoshanense. It was proposed and determined based on morphological characters combined with a multigene phylogenetics analysis involving 5.8S–ITS, nrSSU, nrLSU, EF–1α, RPB1 and RPB2. In multilocus phylogeny, M. baoshanense was grouped as a sister clade to Metarhizium majus, Metarhizium guizhouense, Metarhizium lepidiotae and Metarhizium indigoticum, but conclusively separated from these allied species with high support value. Morphological character differentiated M. baoshanense from its relatives on that its conidial size was obviously smaller than M. majus and M. indigoticum, a little shorter than M. guizhouense and thicker than M. lepidiotae. Still the new species was characterized by that its colony colour became slightly shallow with culture time on PDA plates at 25°C, being grayish green at 12 d and turning gray black at 30 d of cultivation.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 4, Pages 1225-1630


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