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Margin and Determinants of Mandarin (Kinnow) Export from Pakistan

Margin and Determinants of Mandarin (Kinnow) Export from Pakistan

Shumaila Nazeer1, Iqbal Javed1*, Allah Bakhsh2, Mudassar Yasin2, Haroon Javaid3 and Kaniz Fatima1 

1Department of Economics, University of Lahore, Sargodha Campus, Sargodha, Pakistan; 2Department of Agricultural Extension, MNS-University of Agriculture, Multan, Pakistan; 3Department of Business Administration, University of Sargodha, Pakistan; 


Brazil is the largest citrus producing country in the world. Pakistan stands at the number 12th among citrus producing country. Pakistan is the world largest producer of citrus reticula variety (kinnow). The current study under hand is conducted to find the margin and determinants of kinnow exports from Pakistan to international markets of UAE and USA by using the primary data. Primary data is collected through pretested questionnaire from 30 kinnow exporters out of total 40 exporters. Personal interviews were conducted by selecting convenient sampling technique. Along with export margin analysis of both markets, an effort is made to quantify impact of the major determinants on export of mandarin (Kinnow) to UAE and USA. According to data properties and suitability, multiple regression analysis technique is used for UAE and binary logistic regression technique was used for USA market. According to the finding, gross export margin for USA market is Rs. 30644 per ton and percent export margin is 70 percent while Net export margin is found as Rs. 14076.074 per ton. While in case of UAE market, Gross export margin is estimated as Rs.21601.2 per ton. For the Market of UAE, percent export margin is 64 percent whereas net export margin is Rs. 8583.294 per ton. In case of factors affecting the kinnow export to USA, the coefficient of education is 0.124, which shows positive and significant impact of education on kinnow export from Pakistan to USA. The coefficient of packing cost is -0.039 that shows negative but highly significant effect. The coefficient of international sale price was 0.003 that showed positive sign and highly significant. In case of factor affecting the kinnow exports to UAE, the coefficient of age of exporter is positive and highly significant. The coefficient of exporter`s experience is 178.961 that significantly affect the kinnow export of Pakistan. The coefficient of freight charges is -1945.897 that shows negative signs but highly significant. The coefficient of international sale price is 182.995 that shows positive sign and significant. The coefficient of domestic price is -1175.480 that show negative but highly significant.  


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Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Research


Vol. 33, Iss. 2, Pages 192-421


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