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Key to the Tribes and Genera of Tettigonioidea (Orthoptera) of Pakistan

Key to the Tribes and Genera of Tettigonioidea (Orthoptera) of Pakistan

Riffat Sultana*, Waheed Ali Panhwar and Muhammad Saeed Wagan

Department of Zoology, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan

*     Corresponding author:

Fig 1

Pronotum lateral views; a, Sathrophylia rugosa; b, Trigonocorypha unicolor; c, Letana bulbosa; d, Tylopsis lillifolia; e, Holochlora japonica; f, Playcleis intermdia; g, Glyphonotus sinesis; h, Tettigonia caudata; I, Eupholidoptera karatolosi; j, Decticus albifrons; k, Afromecopoda monroviana.

Fig 2

Ovipositor lateral views: a, Phaneroptera roseata; b, Holochlora japonica; c, Ducetia japonica; d, Tylopsis lillifolia; e, Isopsera spinosa; f, Glyphonotus sinesis; g, Gampsocleis akbari; h, Eupholidoptera karatolosi; i, Tettigonia caudate; j, Euconocephalus incertus; k, Conocephalus maculates; l, Decticus albifrons; m, Mecopoda platyphoea.

Fig 3

Subgenital plate (a-d) and Cerci (e-i); a, Letana rufonotata; b, Ducetia japonica; c, Iranusa grisea; d, Calopterusa balucha; e, Phaneroptera gracilis; f, Letana rufonotata; g, Calopterusa balucha; h, Hexacentrus unicolor; I, Decticus verrucivorous.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 52, Iss. 4, Pages 1225-1630


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