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Impacts of Climate Change on Livestock and Livestock Produces: A Case Study of Banke District, Nepal

Impacts of Climate Change on Livestock and Livestock Produces: A Case Study of Banke District, Nepal

Anish Shrestha* and Samata Baral 

Agriculture and Forestry University, Chitwan, Nepal. 


 Climate change is one of the most complex challenges that humankind has to face in the coming decades. The threat and vulnerability are catastrophic mainly to marginal and remote areas. No sector, person or region is free from impacts of climate change and neither is livestock sector. This study was carried in Banke district to find out impacts of climate change on livestock and its productivities. Result showed that farmers perceived the climate change as change in rainfall pattern, rainfall duration, onset of the monsoon, and changes from summer and winter etc. Some farmers realized the change in climate and its impact on their usual farming practices. But, majority of farmers (57.88%) are still unaware about climate change and how to deal with it. Among total respondent, only 15% of them stated that their source of awareness about climate change was extension worker, which indicates very minimal interaction between farmers and extension worker. Most significant impacts of the climate change were increased disease pest infestation, loss of appetite and decreased milk production. Vulnerability index of the area found to be 4.29, indicating higher vulnerability of the research area to climate change. Study concluded that impact of climate change in livestock sector is significant and means of dealing with climate change must be identified soon for the betterment of farmers’ economy and insuring food security.


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Sarhad Journal of Agriculture


Vol. 35, Iss. 4, Pages 1020-1356


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