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Impact of Different Potting Media on Growth of Rough Lemon (Citrus Jambhiri Lush)

Impact of Different Potting Media on Growth of Rough Lemon (Citrus Jambhiri Lush)

Akbar Hayat1*, Muhammad Asim1*, Tehseen Ashraf2, Ehsan-Ul-Haque1, Rabia Zulifqar2, Maryam Nasir3, Ahmed Raza1, Fahim Khadija1, Sohaib Afzal1 and Shafqat Ali1

1Citrus Research Institute Sargodha, Pakistan; 2University of Sargodha, Pakistan; 3Horticultural research Institute Faisalabad, Pakistan.

*Correspondence | Akbar Hayat and Muhammad Asim, Citrus Research Institute Sargodha, Pakistan; Email:,


This study aimed to compare the effects of potting media with different compositions on growth of rough lemon (Citrus jambhiri L) rootstock. Potting media has vital role in the production of healthy and vigorous plants in the nursery. The trial was designed with seven treatment combinations of growing substrates that was five times repeated for each treatment in Completely Randomized Design (CRD). The rough lemon rootstock was tested for growth with all different types of media as T1 = Soil + silt + sand (2:1:1), T2 = Rice husk + sand + soil (2:1:1), T3 = Bagass + sand + soil (2:1:1), T4 = Wheat straw + sand + soil (2:1:1), T5 = Rice husk + sand + soil (1:1:2), T6 = Bagass + sand + soil (1:1:2) and T7 = Wheat straw + sand + soil (1:1:2) respectively. The observation was recorded for plant height, stem thickness, number of branches, number of leaves, fresh plant weight, dry plant weight, fresh root weight, dry root weight, root length, root diameter, leaf area and chlorophyll contents. The results from this study indicated that in term of stem thickness(2.98mm), more no. of leaves (15), root fresh weight (1.39g), root length (25.5 cm), No. of branches (4) root diameter (4.47 mm) and maximum chlorophyll contents were observed in T1. Overall various potting media concentrations significantly influenced all the growth parameters of rough lemon citrus rootstock. The growing substances comprising Soil + silt + sand (2:1:1), and Rice husk + sand + soil (2:1:1), shows the prominently significant impact on rough lemon, in contrast to others media. In this experiment, an eight-month-old seedling of uniform height were used. The container was a 14′′x8′′ size plastic bag.

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Journal of Innovative Sciences


Vol.9, Iss.1, Pages 1-191


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