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Hypocholesterolemic Effect of Oat Seeds on the Rabbit and Meat Quality

Hypocholesterolemic Effect of Oat Seeds on the Rabbit and Meat Quality

Muhammad Huzaifa Mehmood1, Muhammad Ahmad Iqbal2, Muhammad Daood1, Muhammad Rizwan Tariq3*, Khubaib Ali3

1Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad-Pakistan
2King Edward Medical University Lahore-Pakistan
3Department of Diet & Nutritional Sciences, University of Lahore, Islamabad Campus, Pakistan

*Corresponding author: Muhammad Rizwan Tariq,



Rabbits are reared for meat production in backyard farming system in rural areas of Pakistan. The quality of meat depends upon the nutritious value, texture profile, taste and flavour. Mostly dieticians recommend rabbit meat due to low in caloric value then other traditional meats. To enhance the quality of rabbit meat oat is used as feed for rabbits, because oat is good source of dietary ingredients. In this study 2-4% oat seeds were used to investigate their dietary response. The range of oat that is used in this research will improved the blood lipid and fatty acid profiles and reduced the percentage of fat of rabbit meat. Rabbits were reared for the period of two month in three groups. Slaughtering of rabbits was done after 8 weeks. Followings the method illustrated in previous studies fatty acid and physico-chemical analysis were performed. The pH texture, fat, protein, blood lipid profile and PUFA concentration was significantly affected by the incorporation of oat in rabbit feed. It was concluded that the supplementation of 2% oat in rabbit feed increase n-3 PUFA in meat while improvement in serum lipid profile was observed by 4% supplementation of oat seeds. It was also observed that fat percentage in meat was also reduced by oat seed supplementation.

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Punjab University Journal of Zoology


Vol. 37, Iss. 2, pp. 93-182


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