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Expression and Localization of VIP in Different Segments of Pigeon Intestine

Expression and Localization of VIP in Different Segments of Pigeon Intestine

Fei Wang1, Xianlai Zhang1, Youbao Zhong2, Xiaoen Tang3, Xiaofen Hu1
ShanShan Yang1, Shengwei Zhong1, Zuohong Zhou1, Jin Liu1, Xu Yuan1 
and Yong Li1*

1College of Animal Science and Technology, Jiangxi Agricultural University, No. 1101 Zhimin Avenue, Economic and Technological Development District, Nanchang 330045, Jiangxi, P. R. China
2Technology Center of Experimental Animal, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, No. 1688 Meiling Avenue, Wanli District, Nanchang 330004, Jiangxi, P. R. China
3Fuzhou Husbandry Breeding Farm, Linchuan 344000, Jiangxi, P. R. China

*      Corresponding author:


In order to further investigate the structural characteristic of pigeon intestine, the microstructure of each part of intestine was analyzed by HE staining, and its vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) was detected by immunohistochemistry staining and RT-qPCR. In present results, the intestinal mucosa epithelium is a single layer of columnar epithelium, other structures are relatively complete, and the intestinal villi and glands are distinct in each part of intestine. The localization of VIP is extensive in the intestinal wall, but most typical in the lamina propria and muscular layer; VIP in mucosal epithelium is mainly distributed within goblet cells. The distribution of VIP is stronger in the duodenum than in other parts, followed by the rectum, ileum, and jejunum. The lamina propria, muscular layer and serosa always contain VIP nerve fibers with deep staining. Unexpectedly, the results of RT-qPCR showed that the expression level is consistent with that of immunohistochemical detection. It is indicated VIP probably participate in the functional regulation of pigeon intestine as a key role and mediate the neuroendocrine and mucosal immune system as an information molecule due to the high expression of VIP. It will provide the basis for clarifying the biological function of VIP in pigeons.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 53, Iss. 1, Pages 1-400


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