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Exploring the Potential of Honey and Curcumin as Antidepressent

Exploring the Potential of Honey and Curcumin as Antidepressent

Muhammad Naveed Sheas1, Haris Rasool2, Muhammad Nouman Rafique2, Muhammad Rizwan Tariq1*, Abid Muhammad1, Khubaib Ali1

1Department of Diet & Nutritional Sciences, University of Lahore, Islamabad campus, Pakistan.
2Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad-Pakistan.

Corresponding author
Muhammad Rizwan Tariq,


Depression is a common psychiatric disorder which is characterized by mood swings, aversion from activity and apathy which affects the thoughts, behavior and feelings of wellbeing. Honey and curcumin, traditional folk medicines, are thought to steadfast the defense mechanisms of body against oxidative stress which is a key factor in elevating depression. This study is designed to reveal the efficacy of honey and curcumin against depression in rat model. 24 male wister rats were randomly divided into 4 groups. After the trial, blood biochemistry was done in which antioxidant enzymes like SOD, Catalyze, Glutathione peroxidase were performed that shows significantly high levels in the blood than the group that was treated with nicotine and shows a positive correlation with the days at which the rat’s groups were given a supplemented feed. Total antioxidant capacity and antioxidative stress shows significant results by the selected treatment. 

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Punjab University Journal of Zoology


Vol. 37, Iss. 2, pp. 93-182


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