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Exclusive Characteristics of the Bhag Nari Cattle among the Other Indigenous Cattle Breeds of Pakistan

Exclusive Characteristics of the Bhag Nari Cattle among the Other Indigenous Cattle Breeds of Pakistan

Irshad Ali1, Mohammad Masood Tariq2,*, Abdul Waheed2, Ferhet Abbas Yousafzai1, Farhat Abbas Bokhari1, Majed Rafeeq1, Muhammad Ali1, Muhammad Adnan Attique1, Shahid Amin3 and Tahir Hameed1

1Center for Advanced Studies in vaccinology and Biotechnology (CASVAB), University of Baluchistan, Quetta
2Faculity of Veterinary Sciences, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
3Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Govt. of Baluchistan, Quetta

*      Corresponding author:



The base line study carried out on Bhag Nari (BN) cattle breed to explore morphological, biometric parameters, its production system, and survival in the existing habitat. The data on morphology and performance of 1020 Bhag Nari (BN) cattle were collected from Bhag Nari cattle Farm, Usta Mohammad Baluchistan during 2015-16 and its surrounding areas. Some distinct characteristics have been found exclusively in Bhag Nari breed. These characters are rare in other local breeds of the area such as tick resistance, tolerance against > 50oC temperature in the hot weather nevertheless still gives good productive results. It has extraordinary long limbs which protect them from very heated ground. The odor of BN animal sweat is so pungent that helps it in tick resistance. The white color of the skin is natural reflector in an extreme weather, whereas, the inner coat of this animal has black lining (the natural insulator), provides an excellent insulation capability against heat. Furthermore, very large pendulous dewlap and naval flap provides larger skin surface area to the animal to protect it from extreme weather conditions. Sexual dimorphism was found with regard to growth in these animals. The overall means for birth weight (B wt), and weights at 120 days, 180 days, 240 days, 365 days, 730 days and Pre weaning average daily weight gain (Kg) were 25.74±3.7, 101±6.70, 150±17.00, 163±6.8, 189±6.80, 475±21.17 and 0.71±0.13, respectively. Male had higher height at wither, chest girth and length compared to female (P<0.05). It is suggested that Bhag Nari cattle were distinct breed and having upright potential of growth. It could be efficiently used to evolve a new beef breed of the area.

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Pakistan Journal of Zoology


Vol. 51, Iss. 2, Pages 399-799


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