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Contribution to Aphid’s Fauna of Gujranwala (Punjab), Pakistan

Contribution to Aphid’s Fauna of Gujranwala (Punjab), Pakistan

Shamesa Maryam1, Ajaz Ahmad Sandhu1, Imran Bodlah2*, Muhammad Asif Aziz2, Ayesha Aihetasham3


1Department of Zoology, Post Graduate Islamia College, Gujranwala, Pakistan
2Department of Entomology, Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agricultural University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
3Department of Zoology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan

*Corresponding Author: Imran Bodlah,



Present study was aimed to explore the Aphid’s fauna of Gujranwala and carried out during January to March (2016). For this purpose aphids were collected from twenty two host plants at six different localities of Gujranwala area of Punjab province, Pakistan. Total 12 species namely; Aphis craccivora, Aphis fabae, Aphis gossypii, Aphis nerii, Rhopalosiphum padi, Lipaphis erysimi, Macrosiphum euphorbiae, Myzus persicae, Pentalonia nigronervosa, Sitobion avenae, Greenidea (Trichosiphumpsidii and Cinara (Cupressobium) tujafilina have been recorded for the first time from this area. General characters, measurements, distribution and host plants have been given for all recorded species. The present study can be helpful for aphid management of different plants/crops in Gujranwala District.

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Punjab University Journal of Zoology


Vol. 37, Iss. 2, pp. 93-182


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