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Aptamers: Emerging Applications

Publisher: Smith and Franklin Briefs in Biosciences

Editor(s)/Author(s): Pramod Yadava

Publication date: Sat, 20 Sep 2014


Soft Copy Price: GBP 19.00

Pages: 26

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Soft Copy: £19.00


An Introduction• 4
Selecting for a Nucleic Acid Aptamer Binding a Chosen Ligand• 4 Diagnostic Aptamers and Biosensors• 5
Aptamers for Targeted Drug Delivery• 5
Aptamers in Nanotechnology• 6
Therapeutic Aptamers• 8
Aptamers and Immune System• 8
Aptamers Against Bioterror Agents• 9
Aptamers and Kidney Disorders•9
Aptamers and Hematopoietic Disorder•
Aptamers and Diabetes• 9
Aptamers and Cancer• 9
Aptamers Targeting Parasites• 11
Antibacterial Aptamers• 11
Aptamers for Antiviral Therapy• 11
Structural Studies• 12
Online Resources and Databases• 13
Problems and Prospects• 13
Acknowledgements• 15
References• 15